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This is the Ultimate Green Tea Skincare Set. Why have to choose your favorite green tea skincare product when you can have them all at a discounted price. This awesome set comes wtih all 4 of our awesome green tea skincare products. Included in the set are the following:

1) Green Tea Facial Cleanser - Gently cleanse your face while removing all the oil and dirt from your skin. 

2) Green Tea Lotion - Moisturize your skin and leave it feeling soft and smelling great. Can be used on your whole body and is even gentle enough to use on your face.

3) Green Tea Moisturizer - A great smelling, rich in noutrients facial moisturizer. Perfect to use after cleansing your skin. 

4) Green Tea Matcha Face Mask -  Rejuvenate your face with this pampering matcha mask. This mask is filled with nourishing botanical ingredients to really nourtue your skin. 

Laikou Ultimate Green Tea Skincare Set

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