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This is one of the easiest ways to obtain beautiful nails without the hassle and cost of the nail salons. This kit is to be used on false nail tips which are included. This kit is simple and easy to use making it perfect for the experienced nail user or the first timer. It comes with a variety of flourescent colored powders and fun rhinestones to create many unique designs. This kit makes the perfect gift for any occasion and any experience level. 

This kit includes the following:

10 pc different color dipping powders (10ml each) total of 100ml Powder

10 pc alcohol prep pad and or cleaning pads

500 pc false nails

1 pc 2n1 base/top coat

1 pc activator

1 pc brush saver - to clean brushes after use

1 pc variety scent cuticle oil 

1 pc nail glue

100 pc cat eye multicolored nail gems

1 pc metal tool to push back cuticle

1 pc 7 sided nail file



Pastel Nail Dipping Powder Kit

$55.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • Start by cleaning the nail surface with alcohol prep pad and push back your cuticle to ensure full coverage of the nail or nail tip to be applied. After you are ready to either begin the dipping process or apply the false nail tip. Once nail tip is applied allow 2 minutes to ensure the glue is dried and the nail is secure. Now you are ready to begin applying dipping liquid and dipping powder. Carefully apply the number 1 liquid base coat only to the part of the nail that you want the powder to attatch to. Once you have applied the base coat you can dip the nail into the powder allowing it to attatch to the dipping liquid. Carefully brush excess powder back into the container and repeat the process as many times as you want with as many colors as you would like. You can create different layers of color from top to bottom of the nail. Once you have applied the desired powder to the nails apply a finishing layer of number 3 top coat to the entire nail to seal in all layers of powder. You can now add rhinstones or any other decorations with the nail glue, applying a layer of top coat to seal them in. Don't forget to use number 4 the brush saver to clean your brush once you are finished. You can now also apply the cuticle oil to keep you cuticles nice and healthy.

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