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This is a cute mini nail art drill. This can be used to smooth rough edges, sand down imperfect surfaces, create inlay designs carve, engrave grind and shape false nails. This is only to be used on false nails do not use on natural nails as it can cause damage and could result in injury. This great tool comes with 6 different shaped bits and 6 sanding bits. This is a great tool to help you achieve that perfect smooth nail and be able to get creative at the same time! Perfect to use with our nail kits such as the acrylic, dipping powder and polygel. 

Do not use on or near water.

Always turn drill off before changing out bits. 

Let the drill bit cool after use and do not touch immediately after use. 

Use protective eye wear and dust mask to protect your eyes and nose. 

Keep out of reach of children.

Electric Nail Drill

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